Maxime Allard

Welcome to my personal website!

I work on Machine Learning at Imperial College and IBM.

Latest from the Blog.


Quality-Diversity Algorithms

Creating hundreds or thousands of solutions for a problem might sometimes sound like an overkill but what if a method inherently creates thousands of diverse solutions while looking for the best performing ones on the way? Not only could we find the one solution we might have been looking for all along, but we find hundreds of solutions that solve a problem in different ways. 

Hello World.

This is a short introduction about me. I decided to start this blog to share my thoughts with everybody. I will be mainly posting about Machine Learning and related stuff (since I do this every day). Currently I split my time between my PhD lab and IBM which probably influences my writing in the future.Continue reading “Hello World.”

Introduction to semi-supervised learning and adversarial training

What is semi-supervised learning? Every machine learning algorithm needs data to learn from. But even with tons of data in the world, including texts, images, time-series, and more, only a small fraction is actually labeled, whether algorithmically or by hand. Most of the time, we need labeled data to do supervised machine learning. I particular,Continue reading “Introduction to semi-supervised learning and adversarial training”


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